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Using artificial intelligence, the kmend platform will match you instantly with the right partners in Ireland and the UK, that will work with you to overcome the issues that Brexit has caused your business.

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  4. Our system and team will work to find you other kmend members that are best placed to advise you on your Brexit issues.

Customs Clearance Services

While the terms of the new Agreement allow for zero tariffs, customs clearance is still a major issue for companies importing and exporting between the UK and EU. Our members can help your business reduce the burden on your resources and advise you on issues specifically affecting your trade.

Company Formation & Tax Registrations

Many UK companies are choosing to set up an Irish entity as it is proving to be the optimal solution to issues caused by Brexit. kmend members can do this for you as well as all the ancillary services that go with forming a new entity.

Intellectual Property (IP) Advice

Brexit will affect many businesses operating in the UK which rely on the protection, exploitation and enforcement of rights in their key brands, technology, software, digital assets and other creative works. Businesses operating in the UK will need to be aware of any changes affecting their key IP rights following the UK’s departure from the EU. kmend is the perfect platform for finding the right specialist to advise you on any impact Brexit will have on your IP strategy.

Regulations & Compliance Assistance

Good news for regulatory is that for now, data transfer can continue as is without any disruptions. However, many industries that specialise in manufacturing of products e.g. pharmaceuticals, now find themselves having to adapt to new regulations. Businesses are having to adjust their labelling, apply for new licenses, and submit new paperwork so they can continue to trade in the EU. kmend has expert members that can advise you on your industry specific issues and ensure you remain compliant.

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